The Journey Began…

Wendell and Doris Bonaby

Wendell and Doris Bonaby

In 2009, Wendell and Doris Bonaby decided to expand their professional journey. They were the proud owners of “Kids On-Time” Transportation, providing safe secure private transportation for children, to and from school. The Bonaby’s quickly realized that as a couple, they both worked well with children, so they decided to suspend the transportation business in favor of developing a quality unique after-school program. Since then, it has been their goal to inspire young people in the community thru mentoring while simultaneously instilling in them a love of robotics, science, technology, engineering, and math. The Bonaby’s have over the years, successfully mentored many young people, through word, but more importantly, by example. By human efforts, they may might not be able to change the world, but one of their greatest achievements and accomplishments would be to inspire a child to dream big and reach for the sky.

Mrs. Doris L. Bonaby, Program Director: Computer Scientist. As a Computer Scientist, Mrs. Bonaby has worked for several fortune 500 companies and educational institutions over the last 25 years. Mrs. Bonaby has a wealth of experience as a computer programmer, systems analyst, software developer, project manager, technology trainer, technical writer, business analyst, technology coördinator, system administrator, math instructor, business education instructor and computer science instructor. She skillfully integrated her real world experience as a computer scientist and entrepreneur as she taught web design, digital media, programming, robotics and computer applications courses. She often asked her students, how can you use what you are learning beyond this class? In the capacity as a computer science instructor, she began to integrate NXT Robots and related robot curriculum into the then computer science curriculum. She had dreams of starting a robotics team from early on and did her best to inspire her students to develop an interest in robotics. The students enjoyed building the robots and participating in the team challenges hosted during class. Word of what they were doing and all the fun they were having in class spread like wild-fire. Over the years, Mrs. Bonaby has continued to inculcate the love of robots, programming and technology in young ones.

  • Her dream of starting a technology company came to fruition in 2009.
  • Her dream of starting a high school level competition robotics team finally came true in 2011! Click here to read their success story.

Now, Mrs. Doris Bonaby has expanded her dream to include educating and mentoring children everywhere, through the use of emergent technologies such as robotics, gaming, programming, digital media and more.

Mr.Wendell Bonaby Jr, Program Director and Entreprenuer became interested in mentoring 3 years ago, after much consideration of his own personal upbringing, the experiences gained working with children, and his desire to support Mrs. Bonaby to achieve her career goals. Well, growing up in a traditional family setting, Mr. Bonaby received much in the way of mentoring from his father, coupled with the nurturing and wisdom of his mother. His mother taught him the importance of having morals and the value of having respect for both men and women. His father taught him the importance of being a MAN of integrity and good character. His parents taught him to be honest and hardworking. His Father also taught him to do his best and to help others, no matter who they where. It was his father who initially planted the entrepreneurial seed in him. Growing up in Freeport Bahamas, Mr. Bonaby was groomed very early in life to select a sustainable career path. As a young person, he was taught the value of creating a good budget, saving and investing as well. It is these priceless life lessons, among many others, that have molded Mr. Bonaby into the gentleman that he is today. Mr. Bonaby is very thankful to his parents for teaching him “how” to make good decisions, resolve conflicts, and communicate. Mr. Bonaby truly considers his father to be his greatest mentor down to this day! Now as a mentor, Mr. Bonaby can pass the baton to the next generation of young people. Through the Robotics Program, Wendell and Doris promote and model respect, success and progress. Mr. Bonaby hopes to inspire young ones to become exemplary citizens not just in their communities but globally.

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